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Our Services

Our teams are dedicated, multi-tasking and always focused on your targets to achive exceptional results.

Web Design & Development

EEtech is a full-service web design and development company specialized in delivering unabridged digital marketing solutions. We believe in strong reputation, professionalism, integrity and achieving excellent results for clients. Our services include innovative web design, web development, optimization and eCommerce build.

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Mobile Apps Development

We bring deep platform expertise to your project, leveraging the mobile application development experience we've gained working with some of the world's biggest companies. We develop all sorts of mobile applications using every available platform. We create spectacular mobile apps right according to your prerequisites.

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Cloud Based Solutions

The best state of the art Cloud based solutions are being cascaded to facilitate your interest. Our designed solutions are cost effective as well as maintenance free. Contact us for the finest cloud based solutions at the best affordable rates.

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Healthcare Solutions

We deliver Professional healthcare solutions for more than a considerable span of time. We are a dedicated leading team to provide you with customized solutions in an efficient manner. All you need to do is to rest upon our well tested services and expertise in the same trait.

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Digital Engagement

We are capable of carving a new history in terms of engaging more people digitally with the brands. We are adept in utilizing media more effectively to provide you with digital engagement solutions. We have been consulted on a larger scale with our clients to design novel digital engagement platforms.

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Network & Data Centers

We know how to design, construct a network & data center which can meet the contemporary challenges in a proficient manner. We have crafted countless marvels and our success ratio is more than cent per cent. We will help you in establishing the customized network and data centers to pacify all the data related concerns.

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Hire an Expert

We are experienced and actualized group to assist you in hiring efficient resource to exalt your business. We are committed to provide you with the best proficient and professional resource. Hiring a resource is one of our major areas of expertise.

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SAP Solutions

Dynamic services in terms of SAP solutions provisioning are one of the reasons of our popularity. People rely upon us if they need any technical and state of the art support in this realm. We are the only house to bring novel SAP maintenance ideas and practical plans to help our clients.

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Financial Solutions

A large experience based upon countless years of designing financial solutions has enabled us to bring our clients across their desired results. We have hands on experience to the meet the challenges in a comprehensive way. You can contact us for having high end quality financial solutions.

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About EEtech?

EEtech is award winning & fast-growing IT services company helping brands to achieve their ultimate goals and grow their business revenue by providing them one window solution including but not limited to IT infrastructure, digital marketing, enterprise web based solutions, web and mobile software solutions for small to medium and large sized businesses.

Over the last decade we have delivered various solutions to organizations in Europe, North America and around the globe. Our process-oriented methodology guarantees the quality.

At EEtech, we believe that a constant focus on cutting-edge technologies, creative solutions, and strong project management discipline are the real essentials of realizing the mission. EEtech's highly motivated and qualified team assists clients in achieving their goals in time, in budget, and with results, which are beyond expectations.

It does take a lot of dedication and focused efforts to realize the dream we harbor. We aim to achieve them through effective communication, honesty and respect towards our team, clients and other entities we deal or partner with.


Our diverse client base spans start-ups to growing businesses.
We don’t just ask for our clients’ trust, we build it every day by delivering innovative solutions and ongoing, outstanding service.